Welcome to Al-Mouwasat Welfare Organization

Al-Mouwasat Established  in early 2012, but its vision is very strong and deep. It is working in the field of education , Health, Community Services, Emergency Relief & Rehabilitation. Al0-Mouwasat is sorting out among the problems which are serious and then offers  solution to it by proper allocation of fund.


AMWO Working in Following Fields



Why Founded?

Keeping in view the needs of Afghan People, Some respected friends suggested to found an organization to help and fulfill the needs of Afghan Nation in Health and Education Sector on Priority basis.


Why Founded?

News & Updates

Date: 29-July-2013
Al-Mouwasat Ramadan Food Distribution Program July 2013
Package Included
•25 Kg Rice
•10 Liter Vegetable Oil
•And Much More
Above Package were Distributed among Needy Families From Nangarhar Province by AMWO President and Its Team.

Date: 27-April-2013
Trainer: Dr. Rafiqullah
AMWO regularly organizes First Aid training Program for its workers and volunteers.

Date: 25-April-2013
AMWO rescue service to Earthquake affectees
The earthquake had its epicentre near the town of Mehtar Lam, about 30km (17 miles) north-west of Jalalabad.

Date: 11-April-2013
Rescue operation 8:00 pm
gas explotion in an ice factory nahia 4 which effected the residents.

According to reports, Afghanistan is among the Thalassemia affected countries, due to lack of basic health infrastructure patient are going to side by countries for treatment of Thalassemia.

AMWO decided to work on a Thalassemia center in order to facilitate the Thalassemia patients with in the country with modern equipment and best personnel.